Educators Prepare for Immigration Agents at the Schoolhouse | New York Times

In January, New York City’s schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, sent a letter home to students’ families, reassuring them that the city was not keeping records of their immigration status and that immigration agents would not be roaming schools unfettered.

But that has not kept the questions from coming, said Maite Junco, a senior adviser at the city’s Education Department.

School administrators and parents who are worried about the Trump administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants want “details on exactly how the process works,” Ms. Junco said. “In a circumstance where ICE shows up at the school,” she said, using the acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “what is the minute-by-minute protocol almost.” Ms. Junco said the department was planning to circulate more detailed guidelines to schools in the coming days.