Trump’s Plan to Decimate Public Education – Center for American Progress Action Fund
While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s plans on education policy are largely vague and ill-defined, one of his campaign’s policies is clear. He recently proposed a plan to, as he put it, reprioritize $20 billion from existing federal education programs to a voucher-like school choice effort. But this reprioritization plan would devastate critical support for America’s public schools, potentially redirecting billions to private schools. Indeed, CAP Action looked closely at Trump’s signature K-12 education proposal to analyze how much federal funding would be at risk. Based on the amounts of federal dollars each state received for elementary and secondary education programs, more than $1 billion could leave the public education systems in states such as Florida and New York. In Pennsylvania, some $700 million in federal funding for public schools would be at risk under Trump’s scheme—enough money to pay the salaries of almost 11,000 teachers statewide.

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