Week of 3.6.17


  • If you know a transgender or questioning student in crisis, please urge him or her to call Trans Lifeline, a free, confidential resource: (877) 565-8860
  • National: Call the White House comment line and your Congressional representatives, and tell them that especially in light of the SCOTUS decision, we need stronger—not weaker—protections for trans students in our schools. Click here for a script. Then, join the #DearBetsy campaign to tell Betsy DeVos why protecting Title IX is so important.
  • State/Local: Use 5calls’ script to call your governor and urge him or her to take up the fight to protect transgender students. This script also works for local leaders, including mayors, superintendents and school board presidents; you can find out where your state stands on so-called “bathroom bills” here and find a more general description of state laws and policies affecting trans people here.

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