Fight the power... but protect ya neck

Day 8 after the election I woke up to an email from a friend saying we'd had our mourning time, that now we must stand up and move forward; act. So I did...which for me always has to start with walking the dog.

On that walk I started thinking about this concept of a Muslim registry. I started thinking about the Trump cabinet appointees: every new announcement a fresh insult to [fill in the blank with whatever issue you care about]. And I decided that I wanted to fight back in whatever funny, hurtful, provocative way I could.

So I made something. Something satirical. Something fierce but, ultimately, benign: I made a National Registry of White Men. It was a Google doc pasted into a Tumblr. Ya know, kid stuff. I registered Donald Trump and tweeted at him to tell him so. I did the same to Bannon, Sessions, McConnell, the Trump Jrs, etc... At 4:00pm that Thursday afternoon I posted the project to my Facebook in order to collect some 'data' for it.

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