We are becoming what we hate

Trump’s agenda erodes the very foundation our nation was built on: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…


Immigration is a contentious debate. It has divided our nation. But the human story here is one we can’t turn away from, not when so many lives are being ruined. Living in our country elevates people’s hopes. Many who came here illegally have children who have served or are serving in our armed forces, in Iraq, Afghanistan and were under the assumption that one day they too could become American citizens. Their children risk their lives for our country, and some paid the ultimate price.

We are now in an era of zero tolerance. ICE is rounding up those who are the most vulnerable. We were all forewarned. Many who snuck in here made mistakes. In their defense, fleeing oppressive regimes and gang violence in El Salvador, Guatemala, and areas of Mexico forces people to do desperate things. And for those who simply wanted to provide a better life for their family, they sadly were fooling themselves that this day would never come. Now facing the painful drive across the border, with no idea when they will ever see their wives, husbands or children again.

 Lives are being destroyed and we must not be silent.

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