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Under the Trump administration, many of our most important institutions and beliefs--an independent judiciary; freedom of speech, assembly and press; and protection for our most vulnerable residents--have come under threat. As educators, we play a critical role in strengthening and preserving our democracy. Teach Progress is a national clearinghouse for calls to action, curriculum, news and policy that support progressive educators in taking action in their schools and as private citizens. Together, we can make this a better world for the young people we serve.


Liza Potter
An education nonprofit professional, Liza has taught and led in rural, urban and suburban schools across three states. She currently lives in Philadelphia and has become more or less expert over the last three months in explaining the Electoral College to students in grades K-12.


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Our "Smart Risk" Mentality

Every community is unique, with its own set of values, beliefs, and priorities. What works for a teacher in New York City may not work for a teacher in rural Iowa. Still, we believe it's the job of educators everywhere to take smart, calculated risks to both protect students and expand their worldview. We encourage you to vet each resource we provide before deciding what to introduce in your classroom or school, and then to choose the one that's closest to the line -- in other words, don't cross the line, but do walk right up to it

If you're not sure what resources will work best for you, we recommend asking colleagues or, if possible, your union. We're also happy to weigh in.